September 18th 1997, the Rolling Stones took a break from playing stadiums to hit up one of the most famous clubs in Chicago.


The Stones did two nights at Soldier Field on the Bridges to Babylon tour September 23rd and 25th of 1997. So how does a huge rock band the usually plays to 75,000 people, rehearse?

The Double Door in Chicago is a fantastic club that I have seen some amazing shows at. But The Rolling Stones? Could you imagine being in a club setting with Mick Jagger right in front of you?

Tuesday morning Double T will feature Rolling Stones as his artist of the day. A twofer of the Stones every hour from 6-10am.  Actually Double T was at one on the Soldier Field shows but oddly can't remember which.

Here is a video of the Rolling Stones playing the Double Door in Chicago, doing Jumpin' Jack Flash.



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