If you're a fan of baseball in Illinois, you're in the right place because there are many teams to go watch every season.

Minor League Baseball Teams In Illinois

Baseball is such a popular sport in the United States especially in Illinois. It's dominated for years. I think one reason is the season is during the summer. Everyone loves that time of year. Plus, it's nostalgia for anyone who played as a kid.

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Of course, in Illinois with have the Cubs and White Sox. It's so much fun to go to either park. There's only one problem, the cost. It's super expensive to attend a Major League Baseball game between the ticket price and everything else involved with the experience. It doesn't matter what team you follow.

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Luckily, we have a great secondary option in Illinois. That's minor-league baseball. I believe those games are actually a lot more entertaining. They still know how to have fun with creative promotions and themes. Those fields are all about the affordable fun family experience.

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You can bring out the whole family from the little ones to the grandparents and they'll all have a good time. The tickets are cheap and so are the concessions. Now, that's a fun summer night, going to a minor league baseball game. Here are nine teams in Illinois.

# 1 Kane County Cougars

# 2 Peoria Chiefs

# 3 Gateway Grizzlies

# 4 Joliet Slammers

# 5 Schaumburg Boomers

# 6 Southern Illinois Miners 

# 7 Windy City ThunderBolts

# 8 Normal CornBelters

# 9 Chicago Dogs

Enjoy Illinois

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