If you're a big fan of golfing, then Illinois is the perfect place for you to live because the state is famous for its courses.

Illinois Is One Of The Top Rated States For Golf In The United States

I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of golfing. I used to play a lot when I was younger but that was a long time ago. I wasn't any good and it got frustrating. Plus, I grew up in the Chicago area so it got really expensive and took forever to finish a round.

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I've got plenty of friends and family that play all the time and love it. They'll travel all over including out of the country to get that unique golfing experience. It's a huge investment but as long as they enjoy it, then it's all good.

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The funny thing is that they don't even really have to leave the state to enjoy some amazing courses. Illinois is ranked one of the best places in the whole United States for golf. It sounds crazy at first, but I can see that.

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If you just look at Rockford alone. We have some great courses in just our little area. In fact, the Forest City has won national awards for its golf. I've played a handful of times and attended many events and I can agree that they're beautiful places to spend time.

The ranking was determined by the distribution of golf courses, driving ranges, tournaments, and golf coaches for every 100,000 people. Illinois ranks # 10 in the U.S. scoring 51.93 out of 100. Florida is # 1 with 64.42. Not too bad for a Midwest state.

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Next time, you're thinking about taking a golf trip, don't wander too far. Illinois has plenty of top-rated courses to check out.

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Discover where you can find the best access in the country for your pick of courses, the unique terrain that lends itself to world-class golf, and what makes select clubs noteworthy.

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