Illinois professional teams have some of the most dedicated followers in all of sports but these fans were recently named the most aggressive in their league.

This Chicago Sports Team Has Most Aggressive Fans In Their League

I was born and raised a Chicago sports fan. I've been going to games since I was just a little child. In Illinois, it's more than just going to a game. Those events are a whole experience. Once you've been to one, you can never get enough and keep going back.

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In my opinion, Chicago sports fans are the best out there. Even though each team has had its time in the spotlight and has won championships, the good times come few and far between. Dealing with bad organizations proves that those fanbases are dedicated beyond any super fan.

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For Chicago sports fans, it doesn't matter if their team wins or loses, they will be there supporting their favorite team. They'll be at the games wearing the gear and making as much noise as humanly possible. It's hard for any other city to top.

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I definitely wouldn't want to be a visiting team coming to the Windy City for a game. It's not a friendly atmosphere for out-of-towners. I've seen the opposing team's fans pay the price for talking smack to people from Chicago. They'll crawl back home with a black eye.

So here's the question. Which Chicago team has the nastiest fans? Well, a recent survey discovered that the Blackhawks have the most aggressive fans in the NHL, so we found our winner. The United Center is perfectly nicknamed "The Madhouse On Madison."

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Here are the criteria for that honor...

Participated in physical fights
Cheers for injuries
Engages in poor behaviors (trash-talking, taunting, etc.)
Doesn’t regret poor behaviors
Lacks empathy for the opposing team’s loss
High booing frequency
Trash-talks on the opposing team’s social media accounts
Self-rated sportsmanship ranking

Don't mess with the Hawks or its fans.

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