A new cooking show featuring cannabis that marijuana supporters in Illinois will enjoy.

Have you noticed how popular cooking shows have become? I remember when I was growing up, they were boring and created for viewers that were going to spend some serious time in the kitchen.

Nowadays, cooking shows are fun. Many times they are reality shows so there is lots of drama. They have crazy contests for the cooks to compete in. In modern pop culture, chefs are rockstars.

You can find the programs all over the place including cable, PBS, Netflix, YouTube, and so many other sources. There are even 24 hour and 7 days a week channels dedicated to food and cooking.

Several people in the foodservice industry love to party. They will involve wine, beer, liquor, and even cannabis in their dishes ingredients.

Speaking of marijuana, since being legalized in Illinois it has become a huge moneymaker in our state. Weed sales generate millions of dollars each month.

When you go to a dispensary to purchase some pot, there are many different kinds of products to choose from. Some of the more popular items are edibles. Those are food items that are infused with cannabis and gets you stoned by eating them as opposed to smoking it.

Of course, most of the things available are treats like candy, chocolate, and candies. Now that it is becoming a "thing," along with being legal in many states and more acceptable in society. Professional chefs are starting to experiment with weed as an ingredient for their signature dishes.

Even the inexperienced cooks want to get into the action. The demand is there to learn how, so pot cooking shows are being added to the schedule on many channels.

According to delish.com,

"The series, which will premiere on the discovery+ streaming platform, follows the same set-up as the original Chopped show. Four chefs will compete through a three-course elimination and the winner will be rewarded with bragging rights and $10,000. The only difference is that every course will be infused with THC."

I can not wait until Chef Gordon Ramsey gets into the actions. Instead of "Hell's Kitchen" it would turn into "Stoner's Kitchen." he would yell at contestants because meals would taste too skunky. Maybe, it would actually mellow him out.

Since Chicago is a big foody city, I bet you will see marijuana restaurants all over the city in the future.

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