As of October 17th, marijuana is officially legal in Canada. Here's how to celebrate in the United States.

I know what you're thinking. Who cares if cannabis is legal in Canada. I live in the United States.

Well, think about it like this. Imagine you buy a raffle ticket. You don't win but your friend does. Hopefully, you're happy for them.

Congratulations to our good neighbors to the north. Plus, it's close enough to visit.

Here are some ways that we can party in honor of our friends from "The Great White North" for their new pot freedom.

  • Plan - It's time to jump on the internet and start booking your first trip to Canada.
  • Drink - Grab a sixer of your favorite Canadian beer a tip a few back.
  • Eat - Order yourself a pizza, but instead of going sausage or pepperoni try something different. How about some Canadian bacon?
  • Listen - Jam out some Rush. I suggest 2112 in its entirety.
  • Watch - Hop on Netflix and check out some episodes of the top Canadian show, "Trailer Park Boys."
  • Talk - Start speaking like a Canadian by adding "Eh?" after every sentence.
  • Play - How about playing a game of hockey?
  • Laugh - I recommend watching the movie "Strange Brew" because it has a lot of classic funny lines.
  • Smoke - Light on up in honor of "legal weed" in Canada.

That should keep you busy for a couple of days.

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