Recently, Illinois police were called to a laundromat about a person being stabbed after an argument about a girl.

Laundromats In Illinois

Don't get me wrong, there are some nice laundromats in Illinois. There are also some cool ones to hang out at like the World's Largest Laundromat in Berwyn and the Laundrobar in Chicago. Of course, there are some very sketchy ones too. It's a place with a weird vibe like something crazy could happen anytime.

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Relationships Can Get Tricky In Illinois

Unfortunately, not all relationships work out. Most of the time at least one of the partners ends up with a broken heart. Some people have a really hard time with breakups. Especially, when the ex starts seeing someone else. If the new and old run into each other, sometimes it can get ugly. It happened recently in Illinois.

Stabbing At Illinois Laundromat
Stabbing At Illinois Laundromat

Stabbing At Illinois Laundromat

Recently around lunchtime at the Route 30 Laundromat in Joliet, the local police were called for a fight. A couple was there washing their clothes when the woman's ex-boyfriend showed up. He was hanging out in the parking lot making a huge scene after he saw his ex-girlfriend spending time with her new significant other.

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The new guy went outside to confront the old one. They began arguing. The ex-boyfriend pulled out a knife and stabbed the new dude in the chest. The victim was rushed to the hospital and he'll be okay. The suspect was still holding the weapon when the police arrived. He cooperated with the officers and was arrested.

According to,

A 26-year-old Joliet man who plunged his knife into the chest of an 18-year-old man is now in the Will County Jail following Saturday afternoon's stabbing at the Route 30 Laundromat at 905 Plainfield Road, Joliet police said.

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