I'm deathly afraid of getting stabbed but having it happen with scissors seems like it would be very painful.

The World Including Illinois Has Gotten To Be A Crazy Place

I see crazy stories like this all the time on the internet. It seems as if Illinois and the whole world have gotten crazy. It's more and more every day. What has gotten into people nowadays? I think humans have forgotten how to get along with each other since they had to spend a couple of years by themselves during the pandemic.

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Illinois Man Stabbs Two People With Scissors

The scary incident happened recently in Riverwoods. The local police were called by witnesses to a crime scene. The problem was a stabbing. This could go either way, bad or really bad. The suspect was a 71-year-old man named Joseph Austin. He's old enough to be a grandfather and to know better.

Illinois Grandpa Stabbed 2 People With Scissors
Illinois Grandpa Stabbed 2 People With Scissors

The guy stabbed two people with scissors. Being stuck by a nail or knife is bad enough. As I look at a pair of scissors, getting stabbed with some would be awful. Unfortunately, at this point, there aren't a lot of details. This is the kind of story where I really want to find out more about the situation. Apparently, the old guy got upset for some reason and attacked the other two.

According to patch.com,

A Riverwoods man accused of stabbing two people with a pair of scissors last month was arrested Tuesday in New Lenox.


Austin is charged with four counts of aggravated battery to one victim and two counts of aggravated battery to another victim.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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