You can only push a man so far until he's reached his limit and recently in Illinois that sort of situation got really scary.

Be Careful When Making Fun Of A Person's Family In Illinois

I grew up with a group of friends that we always made fun of each other. It was just our thing. You couldn't really take it too far because pretty much everything was fair game. We all knew there was a line so we tried not to cross it. Most of the time it was all in good fun. Even the mom jokes.

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Luckily, none of us were overly sensitive. Of course, there are plenty of people out there who you better be careful with. They can flip emotions like a light switch if you take it way too far. Especially, if you bring their family into it. Definitely, stay away from ripping on a significant other because you might end up with a fist in your face.

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Wisconsin Man Stabbed With Broken Bottle

Comments About Wife Turns Violent In Wisconsin

The setup of this situation alone had red flags flying all over it. A pair of buddies were hanging out and drinking beer at a hotel in the Milwaukee area. I'm guessing way too much alcohol. They both got a case of beer muscles and started mouthing off to each other. This has trouble written all over it. One of the drunk guys started making fun of his friend's wife. Apparently, that's not a good place to go.

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A heated argument started between the two buddies. That's when things started getting physical. A little bit of pushing and shoving. The husband got so angry at the bad comments about his lady that he broke one of the empty beer bottles and started stabbing the other man several times in the neck. He was taken to the hospital and will be okay. I think they both learned a valuable lesson that night.

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