The world's largest laundromat is located in Illinois.

I hate doing chores. One of my least favorites is doing laundry.

I think it's because it never ends. You can do a bunch but in a couple of days, there's more.

It was even worse when I didn't have my own washer and dryer. I had to haul it to a laundromat and spend several hours at this boring place.

Well, I wish I would have known this one was around back in those days. It would have been worth the road trip.

According to,

"Talking about chores is no fun, but there’s a way to make it a little more exciting. Visit this giant laundromat in Illinois for a unique experience you’ll never forget. There are so many things to enjoy here, you may not be ready to leave when your laundry is done. From free food to games to live animals, this isn’t your typical laundromat."

The sign out front reads "World's Largest Laundromat." You can find it just outside of Chicago in Berwyn. It's open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

It received the title in 1983 by the "Coin Laundry Association." They estimate it to be 4 times the size of a normal one.

Doing laundry could actually be fun.

The place is huge, 13,500 square-feet with 300 machines including washers that can hold 90 pounds.

There's free WiFi, video games, bird sanctuary, 90-inch TV, 16 flat screens, and a kids area.

Special events including a visit from Santa during the holidays.

Free donuts in the morning and free coffee all day.

Wednesdays feature free pizza.

The interior is clean, beautiful, and bright unlike most.

It's also known as the greenest laundromat in the world with 63 solar panels to heat the water.

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