If you're looking to take advantage of the nice summer weather and to hang outside with some friends, these Rockford beer gardens come highly recommended.

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Rockford's Seven Best Beer Gardens

Rockford is home to many beer gardens, patios, and decks at several of the town's bars and restaurants. Of course, like anything else, there are the favorites. I recently conducted a survey on social media to find the best when it comes to partying outside. I found out the top seven. How does it compare to your list?

Beer garden table and people in background.
Rockford's Favorite Beer Gardens

#7 Verdi Club

  • I agree, the Verdi Club is a great hang, especially on a boat in the summer. The only problem is it's a private club so you have to be a member or guest.

#6 Lombardi Club

  • They have the same deal as the Verdi Club. You've got to join or be invited. If you get a chance to hang out, it's a good time.

#5 Lucha Cantina

  • There's a great view of the Edgebrook Shopping Mall with tasty food and beverages.

#4 Neighbors

  • They have a nice roof over part of their beer garden so you be protected from the elements but still hang outdoors.

#3 Sledgehammer's

  • I've heard a lot of good things about this place and its beer garden. It's on my "must-visit" for this summer.

#2 Tad's on the Rock

  • We are lucky to have the beautiful Rock River running through our city. Unfortunately, not a lot of places to hang out on it. This is one and definitely worth checking out.

#1 Home

  • I found this a pretty funny answer. A few people decided their favorite outdoor partying hang-out in the Rockford area is at home or at a friend's house.
Rockford's Favorite Beer Gardens
Rockford's Favorite Beer Gardens

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