Every once and awhile you find a dessert that just makes you say, "Yes! That's it! Why have I never seen this before, I need it in my life right now." These are the things I said out loud when my brother went to Smallcakes Cupcake and Creamery.

Wondering what this masterpiece I am talking about looks like? My brother's girlfriend sent me this from their trip to Chicago.

Smallcakes Cupcake And Creamery

My mouth is watering. This is ice cream, a cupcake, whip cream, fudge, and sprinkles. Or as my brother put it, "Diabetes in a mason jar." The cupcake is birthday cake and the blue ice cream is cookie monster. Have you ever heard the term, I can't even.... cause I can't even handle this. This is the ultimate summertime treat.

Being a sweets fanatic I am all in for the hour and a half trip to Chicago to get my hands on one. Think you could handle this dream come true dessert?