For fans of cannabis in Illinois, April 20th is a special holiday so here are some fun ways to celebrate the official marijuana party day.

Ways To Celebrate 420 In Illinois

It's funny how things can change in just a couple of years. Pre-legal recreational marijuana in Illinois, weed was taboo. Now, it's socially acceptable. 420 celebrations are no longer on the down low. They are now advertised publically. If you want to have some fun on April 20th, here are some parties to check out.

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Celebrating 420 In Illinois (Getty Images)
  • Lollypalooza in Moline will have live glass blowing, free food, local art, music, giveaways, and goodie bags.


  • Miss Marijuana is being hosted by The Lincoln Lounge in Chicago. It's just like it sounds, a cannabis-themed beauty pageant.
Celebrating 420 In Illinois (Getty)

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  • You can also stay local in the Rockford area. We'll be broadcasting live from The Happy Cannabis that day to celebrate 420.

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