There is an issue in Illinois with unregulated hemp products and it's not if but when the state will start cracking down on it.

Dispensaries Versus Smoke Shops In Illinois

Since Illinois is a legal weed state I think most residents take it for granted that every place that sells a cannabis-based product is on the up and up. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Marijuana is highly regulated but some of these smoke shops are flying under the radar and selling items that are potentially dangerous to use.

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If you've ever visited a real dispensary it's quite the surreal experience. They are highly regulated by the state so there are many laws they have to follow. Getting in is like trying to enter some super secure government location. It's the complete opposite of what you would think a weed store would be like.

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Unregulated Hemp Products In Illinois (Getty Images)

Going to a smoke shop is the complete opposite experience. It's like walking into a convenience store to buy snacks but instead, you're purchasing hemp products. I think that can be confusing for consumers. Of course, some customers would much rather go the no-hassle route but they don't realize the risk they're taking.

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Here are some of the issues that the government officials in Illinois have with these smoke shops.

  • These products aren't regulated.
  • Inconsistent levels of THC.
  • Unexpected contents found in products.
  • Products sold in kid-friendly packaging.
  • Higher potency and levels than allowed.
  • Not all ingredients are included on the packaging.
  • 87% of edibles sold in smoke shops are incorrectly labeled
  • All the flower tested was not what it said it was.
  • Easier for underage kids to get their hands on the products.
  • Hemp products aren't tested for bacterial or fungal contamination, pesticides, heavy metals, or residual solvents.
  • Some of the products are lab-created and not natural.
  • Customers are being ripped off.
  • It's unfair to the real dispensaries because of all the regulations they have to follow to get a license and operate.

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Illinois lawmakers are in the process of coming up with a plan to regulate smoke shops and the hemp products they sell. Let's not forget the most important part. The state isn't getting its cut from these places. I would guess that it will come sooner than later.

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