Here are some safe ways to participate in 420 this year.

If you're not familiar, "420" is like the pot New Year's Eve. Every year on April, 20th, stoners all over the world celebrate their favorite hobby, getting high.

The ideal 420 party includes smoking with friends, eating some tasty food, listening to some good music, and watching a few funny movies.

It was going to be a special year in Illinois. It's the first time recreation marijuana is legal on 420. Participants were making big plans.

Unfortunately, those are all gone now. The COVID-19 outbreak has us all on lock down. Is 420 canceled? Well, no but you'll just have to figure out a different way to celebrate.

Here are some ideas on how to do it. Make sure you have your party supplies.

  • Weed - The dispensaries are still open. They are just doing pre-orders with curbside pick-up, so if need some plan accordingly. I suggest getting edibles because smoking is not good with the virus. Check out details, HERE.
  • Set-up the "pothead party line" - Have your whole crew download the Zoom app on their phone. That way you can all hang without being around each other.
  • Whats on the menu? - Are you going to make food, curbside it, or delivery. Again, plan in advance. Nothing's worse than having the munchies without a plan. I would include beverages with that too. No one wants dry mouth.
  • Entertainment - Create your ultimate stoner playlist and have it ready to go. Also, check out Netflix or On Demand ahead of time because you don't want to waste your buzz on searching for something to watch.

I think you you take these simple steps, you'll be all set for a fun 420.


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