Smoking marijuana isn't good for the Coronavirus, in case you were wondering

We all have that friend. Their career is weed. They have some sort of job but what they really love is getting high. They are usually a little paranoid about someone taking that away from them. You might catch them asking questions that start out by saying "I'm asking for a friend." That's because they want to know but don't want to sell themselves out as a "pothead."

My "stoner" buddy started freaking out when the Governor of Illinois announced "shelter in place" for the state. He thought the dispensaries would be shut down. Luckily for him, he has his "medical" card and the marijuana business is on the "essential" list. Who would've ever thought?

You don't have to be the incognito cannabis lover anymore because it's now legal in our state. Don't be afraid, go ahead and ask the question. I know you've been thinking about it.

Is smoking marijuana bad for COVID-19, Unfortunately, the answer is yes. It just seems logical. If you don't believe me, here's the proof.

According to,

"The American Lung Association says even occasional marijuana smoking could cause issues. Health experts say it could confuse doctors who try to diagnose you."

You can tell your "friend" to stick with the edibles.

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