For residents in Illinois that enjoy partaking in some cannabis, April 20th is an essential day on the calendar for them.

What Is 420?

I don't want to assume that everyone knows what 420 is. You might've clicked on this story just out of curiosity. If you're a "pothead," you're already in the know. For those that aren't regular weed users, I can give you a short description.

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The annual event is observed as a means of celebrating marijuana use, while also campaigning for it to become legalized in parts of the world where it is prohibited.


In 1971, the five San Rafael High School students devised a secret code which they used to indicate to each other that they would meet later in the day to smoke cannabis.

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This will be the fourth year in a row where the 420 holiday happened with Illinois being a legal recreational marijuana state. That makes celebrating so much easier without having to avoid the police. The cannabis industry has become a huge business success story in the Land of Lincoln. Many other states are following our lead. Just remember to please be smart and responsible while participating in this annual pot party.

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Celebrating 420 In Illinois

Fun Ways To Celebrate 420 In Illinois

I think you've got to start the celebration with some products. Of course, you can get all loaded up on April 19th but it's just not the same. That would be like opening your Christmas presents on December 23rd. It's nice but it's not experiencing the actual holiday. There are plenty of dispensaries throughout the state to choose from. If you're looking to stay in Rockford, you can check out a couple of locally owned businesses including The Happy Cannabis Company and Mapleglen Care Center. They're going to have special deals and activities going on all day and into the weekend.

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Of course, if you're celebrating 420 in Illinois the munchies are eventually going to catch up with you. Luckily, Rockford has plenty of great restaurants for delicious food. You can go for pizza, tacos, desserts, and so much more. For my money, I would hit up Baked Wings. Their food is very tasty. Plus, they're hosting their own 420 party with food and drink specials. You'll also have the chance to win free wings for a year or a pair of four-day passes for Lollapalooza.

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Finally, you're going to need some sort of entertainment. It could involve a movie, a comedy show, or even some live music. There's a great show that night. Miles Nielsen and the Rusted Hearts are playing a special 420 show at the Verdi Club in Rockford. Those are always good times. No matter what you decide, have fun.

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