Hangover-free cocktails are served at Illinois' hottest new pop-up bar.

The Worst Part About Drinking Alcohol

I haven't drank booze in years but back in my big party days, the worst part was the hangover. Having a crazy Saturday night meant feeling horrible all day on Sunday. If I didn't want to get wasted, there weren't many alcohol-free options available at the bar, maybe some water, soda, and coffee. Nothing too exciting. Things are a lot different now.

Alcohol-Free Cocktails Are Now A Thing
According to timeout.com,

"That’s part of a broader national interest in what’s often called the “sober curious” movement, which is to projected bolster the average annual growth of no- and low-alcohol brands at a rate that far outpaces their alcoholic counterparts."





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First-Ever All Alcohol-Free Bottle Shop And Pop-Up Bar Opened In Chicago

Finally, Illinois has its very first bottle shop and pop-up bar that is completely alcohol-free.


"Located in Bronzeville, Prāzbar is Chicago’s first-ever retailer stocked solely with alcohol-free spirits that employ herbs, spices, and other botanicals to mimic the bite of liquor, sans any actual booze."


"Prāzbar also operates a monthly themed pop-up bar out of Sip & Savor’s Bronzeville cafe, which allows visitors—whether sober, sober-curious, or just interested in trying something new—to sip cocktails fashioned from the bottle shop’s non-alcoholic wares or try pours of individual spirits."


For more info, HERE.

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