What Illinois based TV show, actor, and movie is the best know in Hollywood?

Hollywood may be the capital for movies and shows, but not everything is filmed or based from there. Many stars live in Hollywood, but most weren't born there.

Illinois has gone Hollywood at times, especially Chicago. It has been home to several actors, shows, and movies through the years.

So what is Illinois best known for in Hollywood?

Who is the most famous actor from Illinois? 

According to msn.com,

Harrison Ford - It's hard to top Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

Video: The Best Of Han Solo 1977 - 2015 - Harrison Ford

What is the most famous TV show from Illinois?

According to yahoo.com,

ER - George Clooney working in a Chicago hospital emergency room is all you need.

Video: George Clooney's best scene from ER 

What's the most famous movie from Illinois?

According to msn.com,

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Best skip day from school ever.

Video: Trailer for Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Do you agree? If not, what are your favorites?

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