I've always thought it would be cool to end up in the Guinness World Records and I wish I had been a part of this record-breaking event by a candy company in Wisconsin.

What Is The Guinness World Records?

When I was a kid, the Guinness Book of World Records was a big deal. A new edition came out every year and I would beg my parents to order it from the school reading club each time. They let me a couple of times and I studied that thing from front to back. I was fascinated by it.

According to guinnessworldrecords.com, 

Guinness World Records documents and celebrates superlative achievements that are the best in the world.


Record breaking is a serious business, which means we have strict policies governing what constitutes a Guinness World Records title in order to maintain these high standards.

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What Is Haribo?

Haribo is a German candy company that produces Gummy Bears that are sold all over the world. They opened their first factory in the United States last year in Wisconsin to make some brand-new products.

 According to germandelistore.com, 

Haribo is one of the biggest manufacturers of gummy and jelly sweets in the world, with its products mainly consisting of gummy bears, other jelly sweets and liquorice.

According to haribo.com,

HARIBO® has officially begun gummi production at its first-ever North American manufacturing facility, located in Pleasant Prairie, Wis.


Gummy bears stack
Wisconsin Candy Company Breaks World Record

Haribo Breaks Guinness World Record

Recently, Haribo made candy history by breaking a Guinness World Record. The company created the world's largest candy mosaic. They built it at the nearby University of Wisconsin-Parkside. It was completed in four hours. I hope someone still got to eat all those gummies.

According to jsonline.com,

The record-breaking mosaic measured 353.1 square feet and was made from approximately 150,000 Haribo Goldbears gummy bears, the brand's most popular product.


Each gummy was laid by hand by "300 of Haribo's associates, their friends and family, as well as community partners, including the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha.

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