My absolute favorite place in Rockford is celebrating a birthday.

Coronado Performing Arts Center
Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

Happy 90th birthday Coronado Theatre. Back in October of 1927 The Coronado Performing Arts Center first opened.

I've seen so many amazing performances over the years at The Coronado, from Guns N Roses to Bear in The Big Blue House. I even received a private tour of the Coronado last year, so awesome.

The original owners, Mr. and Mrs.. Willard van Matre ran the theatre from it's opening until 1970. At that time it was sold to the Kerasotes Theatre Company.

According to WREX a large group of Rockford citizens funded to rebuild and restoration after the Coronado fell on hard times. Over 18 million dollars later, the crown jewel shines as bright as ever.

So happy birthday Coronado, I look forward to celebrating with you soon!





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