Rockford's Coronado Performing Arts Center may be well known for the shows that come there and its beautiful architecture and decorations, but it has a few haunted tales to tell as well.

If you've lived in the Rockford area for any amount of time, I am sure you've heard stories about the Coronado's haunted history, but in case you haven't, just listen to this conversation we had a few years ago with Haunted Rockford's Kathi Kresol...

For many years I have listened to, (and freaked out over), Kathi Kresol's expansive knowledge of Rockford's haunted past, but I have never heard her talk about this paranormal experience linked to the Coronado that I just found on

Have You Heard the Tale of the Coronado's Parking Garage Ghost?

When you are a huge wimp like me, you get an eery feeling every time you step into the Coronado Performing Arts Center due to all of the paranormal activity you've heard happens there. My fascinated, yet uneasy feeling never begins until I step through the theatre's doors, but I'm pretty sure it will now begin when I enter the parking garage across the street.

A simple Google of the "Most Haunted Places in Rockford, Illinois" led to an article from Haunted Places that recounted this chilling paranormal experience;

One night, police were called about a ghostly woman in white who appeared in an elevator at a parking garage. Earlier, witnesses had been confused as to why the elevator kept going up and down with no one inside it. But when the white figure showed up in the glass elevator, located just outside Coronado Theatre, people realized the figure resembled the ghostly woman in white who has also been seen at the Coronado.

So, does one of the Coronado's resident ghosts travel outside the walls of the theatre? Have you ever seen or experienced something like this before near the Coronado? Please send us a message on the app, because we are dying to know, (and really freaked out).

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