Another big weekend in at Coronado Performing Arts Center brought in another comedian with a massive following. And, like Kevin James, he ventured out around downtown for exploration.

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Kevin James, without the "Paul Blart" mustache, grabbed a bite at Abreo and was almost unrecognized. His server had to be told by another guest who James is, the story is pretty funny, actually.

You can read about the encounter here.

Bert "The Machine" (if you know, you know) Kreischer performed shows in Rockford but the entertainment started much earlier in the day.

Bert's Rockford Adventure

Dear Bert,

Should you read this article I give you full permission to use 'Bert's Adventure' for future Instagram stories.

- jb

The exact timeline for Bert's stop in Rockford is unbeknownst to me but I can tell you it was more than just walking from his tour bus into the Coronado and back to his bus.

(No, this is not a photo from his Rockford stop but I can confirm he was shirtless on stage.)

Bert Kreischer's Rockford stop included a jog in a Rockford neighborhood but it was hard to tell his exact route as shown in his Instagram story.

At some point, The Machine made a stop at Rockford Art Deli (RAD), which is where things got interesting.

Bert Kreischer via Instagram
Bert Kreischer via Instagram

I managed to catch Bert's Instagram story in real-time and what he did for R.A.D. was pretty awesome.

I'm not sure if he bought something but it's a safe bet because that's what he does from time to time when he's on the road.

He did, however, notice a social media follower counter inside the shop. He showed it in a now-expired Instagram story and encouraged his followers to follow RAD on Instagram. Then, in the next story, he showed the number on the counter steadily increasing, proving his fans are awesome.

Did he break the machine???

RAD’s owner, Jarrod Hennis dropped me a note about Bert’s pop-in.

It was great having him and his crew in the shop! They did find some RAD gear to take home and increased the follower count by about 400 new followers. 🙂 What a good dude for supporting locals and helping give the IG a boost in traffic.

You can follow Bert Kreischer here and Rockford Art Deli here.

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