You had ONE job, to label this! How could you have messed that up?!

Sure, working retail has it's challenges but I can't imagine this part being difficult.

I briefly, and I mean briefly, worked in retail in my teenage years. The job had it's perks, but it wasn't really all that difficult. Let it be known I didn't work a register, so I didn't have to deal with many cranky customers.

While my best friend and former Illinoisan Lisa was out shopping for some Chicago Sports Memorabilia, she stumbled upon this beauty. She lives in downstate Indiana where the only place you can find sports gear is at your local Goodwill.

This is what she found:

Lisa Depp via Facebook
Lisa Depp via Facebook

Seriously Goodwill? You had ONE job! I mean, hello! It even says, 'BEARS' on it!


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