If you live in Rockford, here's how you should get ready for NFL football Sunday.

This Sunday marks the first week of the regular NFL season.

Here's the big question... Are you ready for it?

The last thing you want is to be ill-prepared. Sunday is going to be here before you know it. If you think you're going to be able to wake up that morning and just wing it, you're sadly mistaken. You can really embarrass yourself in front on your friends.

I'm going to help you avoid that with some few simple tips.

  • Gear - Make sure you have up to date team gear. Nobody wants to see you show up in a Chicago Bear's Jay Cutler jersey. Stop out to CherryVale Mall and hit up Sports and More. They always have the latest and greatest.
  • Study - Look up your team's roster. You won't have any credibility with other fans if you don't even know who's on your team. Go to your team's website for all the info.
  • Place - Make sure you know where you're going to watch the games. If you start calling your friends an hour before game time, you might end up somewhere that isn't even playing your team's game. Find a place like Oscar's that will have all the games. Especially, if you like an odd ball team for our area like the Arizona Cardinals.
  • Hosting - If you are hosting for the games, make sure your viewing area is top notch. Plenty of comfy seating. A big HD TV with surround sound. Your friends aren't going to stay if all you have is a 13" box TV from the 80's.  Primetime Audio Video will make sure you are the talk of the neighborhood.
  • Food - What you're going to eat is very important. It doesn't matter if you're hosting or going somewhere else. NFL Sunday is a long day, so you want to make sure there are enough good treats to last the duration. Woodman's is a good stop if you're hosting. If the Scoreboard is having a special on their prime rib sandwiches, that could be a good call too.
  • Alcohol - When having the whole gang over, don't just buy a six-pack. Make sure there's enough to go around and plenty of choices. You can pick up some along with your snacks at Woodman's. If you're going to a bar, check their Facebook page to find out any drink specials.
  • Locals - Impress your friends by knowing any local players. For Example, Green Bay Packer, Dean Lowery is from Rockford.
  • Fantasy Football - It's huge and there's a good chance most of your friends play. If you don't have a league with them, start one. If you can't get anybody, there are plenty of websites you can join. I'm in one through the Chicago Bears.
  • Play - The weather is still nice. After your team's game, head over to Alpine Park with your buddies and play your own game.
  • Ignore - If your team is going to be horrible this year, you could always just ignore the season. Head out to Galena and do some antiquing.

Good luck with your NFL Sunday.

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