The old clubhouse for the Milwaukee Brewers mascot is now a place to party.

I'm born and raised a Chicago sports fan. Through thick and thin, I'm cheering for the Bears, Hawks, Bulls, Cubs, and Sox. Of course, there are rivals that I just hate including the Packers, Blues, Pacers, Cardinals, and Twins. I enjoy going to games in person. The only problem is getting into the city from Rockford. Plus, it ends up being a really expensive day.

When it comes to baseball each venue is quite different from the other. Wrigley Field is definitely legendary but until recently, I thought it was kind of a dump. People get mad at me for saying but it was true. It didn't matter to me, I'd still go there and have a good time. The team has made many improvements and it's much better now. I think the White Sox have a hidden gem. Take away the drive and neighborhood, the team has something cool going on there.

There is a third option. That's Miller Park, the home of the Milwaukee Brewers. First of all, I don't hate them like the Cardinals. Also, it's a great place for a game. You've got tailgating, tasty food, refreshing beverages, a retractable roof for bad weather, and lots of things to see and do inside the stadium.

That includes their mascot, Bernie Brewer. He does a lot of entertaining things during the game. He even has his own hang out, known as Bernie's Dugout. He's been part of the team since the old days at County Stadium. His place there was Bernie's Chalet.

When the team moved to their new venue, Bernie got a new home too. Luckily, someone saved his old one as a piece of Brewer history. It's even located at a place where everyone can enjoy it. You can find it at Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee.

If you're a huge fan, you can now rent it out for your own private party. I know they advertise it as "date night" but let's be realistic. It is Wisconsin. They don't "date" there. They just party. No offense Cheeseheads, but you know it's true.

According to,

"Lakefront Brewery is offering a unique date night for two at Bernie's original chalet which was originally at County Stadium."

For more info, HERE.

That sounds like a good time. I might have to check that out.

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