A new plan would provide every student in District 205 with a free breakfast and lunch each day at school.

There is nothing worse than being hungry, and unfortunately it is a more and more pressing reality here in our own back yard. I can barely concentrate when my tummy is rumbling. I'm far out of my school days, but I can vividly remember being so hungry in class, for no ones fault but my own, and wanting to just scream. There was no way I could pass the calculus exam when all I could think about was lunch in twenty minutes. It's horrible.

According to WIFR, the Federal Government is prompting a plan to provide every student in District 205 a free breakfast and lunch. A similar plan is already being done in Beloit schools and parents are happy with the results.

Whether a child has forgotten their packed lunch at home, or can not simply afford the lunch, it will be provided for each student free of charge. I think this is an absolutely fantastic program that will keep our children fed throughout the school day.

WIFR also reports that the Rockford School Board will have a chance to approve the plan at their May 26th meeting.

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