Ewwww... what is that smell?

I love playing pranks! The best prank I've ever pulled was on my husband's birthday.

When he turned 30, I bought 30 presents and hid them all over the house. Each gift had a clue that lead him to the next present. He loves scratch off lottery tickets, so I got him one that was a fake (but very real looking) $10,000 winner.

I mixed it in with other scratch off tickets that I purchased from the local convenience store. Watching his face change as he scratched off the winner was priceless. He grabbed my arms and started jumping up and down. I knew I took it too far. I had to break the news to him that it was fake.

He didn't talk to me for the next 20 minutes.

I felt bad, but at the same time now we can laugh about it and he promises that he will get me back someday.

I came across a video today from WTVO of a prank that was pulled inside CherryVale Mall.

Someone sprayed a stinky smelly spray inside of the elevator. The reactions are priceless.

I sure hope you weren't one of the unlucky ones that got stuck in the elevator!

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