Today, I had a wonderful conversation with Richard Williams from Kansas.

Richard and I share the same last name, so we must obviously be related right? He seems to agree with me.

Lori Interview Richard Williams of Kansas

Kansas is at the top of their career. They have 85 - 90 shows already booked in 2016, many of them to sold out crowds.

A new documentary, "Miracles Out of Nowhere" chronicles the start of Kansas to super-stardom, talks of a new album in 2016 and the new addition of Ronnie Platt after the retirement of former lead singer Steve Walsh have all shaped the triumphant boom in Kansas.

Richard and I chatted briefly today and I couldn't speak more highly of him. Such a gentle person, who loves his craft and loves the music.

We chatted about a new album, Ronnie Platt's addition to Kansas, the documentary "Miracles Out of Nowhere" and more.


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