I can now cross 'being weightless like an astronaut' off my bucket list.

Sometimes I am in awe of the opportunities that present themselves in front of me.

Today I had a once in a lifetime moment, I flew with the Blue Angels.

This morning I was talking on-air about how excited I was to fly with the Blue Angels on the Fat Albert this afternoon. A few moments later, my phone rings and it is Major Dusty Cook. He said, "Lori, I was just listening to some awesome music on the radio and I heard you are flying with me today! I'm your pilot!"

Dusty was such a wonderful person, and he told me all that I needed to know about what was going to come while flying the Fat Albert. He told me to be prepared to have the time of my life.

My bestie Michelle and I went to the Rockford International Airport. I wasn't nervous, but I could feel the adrenaline building inside of me. I couldn't wait to experience the Fat Albert plane ride.

I went through a few briefings, had to fill out some forms and get ready for the most intense 8 and a half minutes ever.

The Fat Albert pushed about 2 g-forces on the positive end which made us feel as if we were much heavier than we were. I did my best to try to film everything, but holding a camera with that much force is pretty intense.

In just a flash, we went to -1 g-forces that had us fly (literally) out of our seats. We were weightless. Just like astronauts in a space ship.

Incredible. I can't wait to watch the performances this weekend at Rockford Airfest 2015! I hope to see you there!





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