Check out Double T's visit to Ciao Bella Italian Kitchen and Cocktails to find out more about their winter drink menu and famous steak sandwich.

In my search for good food, I'm always looking for different local restaurants in the Rockford area. If Ciao Bella Italian Kitchen and Cocktails hasn't been on your radar lately, then I recommend stopping by.

The name may sound familiar but it's an all new eatery. Owners Scott and Brit Frank took over in May and they've added their own special touch, including new food and drink menus, staff and atmosphere.

My favorite is the steak sandwich. I suggest getting it "Ace Valentine" style, which has a shrimp dijon breading. I've had a lot of steak sandwiches in my life but this one stands out.

Here's the steak sandwich:

Steak Sandwich - Townsquare Media

Now here's the steak sandwich "Ace Valentine" style:

Steak Sandwich "Ace Valentine" style - Townsquare Media

If specialty drinks are your thing, don't forget to check out the winter drink menu. Their bartender, Michelle Johnson, was recently voted Rockford's No. 1 bartender. She used her skills to come up with some tasty cocktails.

Double T Learns About The Winter Drink Menu - Townsquare Media

Some of the drinks from the winter menu:

Michelle's Special Winter Drinks

To get a better insight into both the steak sandwiches and winter drinks, take a look at this fun video where I try my best "Salt Bae" impression. If you're not familiar with "Salt Bae," he's a Turkish chef who has gone viral for his unique approach to preparing food.

Double T Becomes The Double Bae"