Head count at Thanksgiving...The kids, parents, stinky uncle, the teenage boyfriend, grandma...grandma?? I mean, she walked in right? Is she in the bathroom?

A Fairview Heights, Illinois woman has been charged with living in a home with her dead mother for over a year. Get a load of this.

Firefighters were flushing hydrants, and a concerned neighbor asked the firefighters if they could check on the elderly woman next door because they haven't seen he in a while.

 “We knew that she wasn’t mobile … couldn’t get around, not seeing her for almost two years now gave us concern because even though there was a pandemic, she should have gone to doctors’ appointments and things like that.”  - neighbor Erika Langenhorst


Neighbor Erika has a great point, good looking out! This is where it gets weird. Police confronted the daughter and asked if mom was ok. She was quick to point out that mom was just fine, and she had flown to Hawaii. The concerned neighbor called b.s. on this story because of the elderly neighbor's lack of ability to get around.

So wait, where is she? She doesn't get around well so she just decided a trip to Hawaii was in the freakin' cards? This is so fishy...

Police returned to the home and said the daughter was acting weird and there was a foul odor coming from the house. Things are about to get super weird, hang tight people.

“During that time frame, Reena confesses at the front door after a little bit of questioning that her mother is, in fact, dead inside the house."  - Det. Sgt. Aaron Nyman, Fairview Heights Police Department

The daughter was taken into custody. The daughter was charged with two counts of concealment of a death and one count of obstruction of justice. How could you live with that guilt, AND that smell??

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