This is pretty "Illinois" if you ask me. This state for sure has it's foods that defines where we live. Hot dogs with no ketchup, pizza that is basically a cake, Illinois fav foods can really be interesting.

So what about sides for Thanksgiving? What does Illinois consider the best of the best?

If you were told to just "bring a side" do you know who is bringing what? For the first time in my life, I am the "turkey" guy this year. It's not like anyone assigned it to me, it's kinda a bucket list thing that I agreed to take on. I am having this constant nightmare since I said yes to doing this...Christmas Vacation. The knife goes in and the puff of smoke, "save the neck for me Clark." I'm pretty sure I got this, but will for sure give it a trial run ahead of time.

But what about the sides, people. Sweet potatoes, the canned cranberries, random veggies and mac n cheese is also a good one. What direction are you going? Being from Illinois, you will for sure need mashed potatoes. After all, that is our states favorite Thanksgiving side. Mashed potatoes are a favorite side in 10 of 50 states across the country. Do we lack originality or does this country just love it's mashed spuds?

Here's the official "sides" list for states across our great nation...I'm kinda digging Indiana and their Deviled Eggs, yum! FULL STATE BY STATE LIST 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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