Charles Estell had a master plan. He had the tools, the knowhow the attitude and the skills to get away with a ton on money. After robbing this bank, Charles legit nabbed $100,000...good job dude! But, the getaway wasn't as silver screen as he wanted it.  TickleTheWire

FBI says that Charles dropped himself into the bank through the roof. He cut through six inches on concrete, and was on his way to a fortune. He dropped into the bank, tied up employees and was smelling the green! He had the bank held up at gunpoint, and he stuffed $100,000 into his backpack. Man oh man, this guy was ready to rock and roll.

Cut through the ceiling, dropped in, stole $100,000 in the getaway...Charles climbed back through the hole in the roof and made his dash, leaping onto a neighboring rooftop. This is were his trouble started, he cut himself on a window...Leaving a trail of blood, oops. So how do you get off this roof and getaway? He stuffed himself in full disguise I might add, into a duct. So wait...this dude in a wig or dreadlocks, tries to getaway by squeezing into a duct of a neighboring office building? Ok, sounds good but what's next, scoot down the duct to freedom right? Nope, Charles was packed in tight and stuck. Stuck in a duct.

Luckily the police followed his path and followed his trail of blood, to the duct where we was stuck. Charles was arrested, and saved.

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