Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! This sister duo from Wisconsin, sends there fondest holiday wishes to all of you and raise a toast to you, filled with pee. SG

Valerie Bartkey, 24, and Amanda Johnson, 17 were hit with felony and misdemeanor charges for going completely nuts at a party and causing emotional and physical damage to some boys. Hang on tight for this one...

The sisters were high and on a mission to raise hell...Where to start.

They went to a party at a friends house and decided to get violent with the boys in the house. Punching people, stepping on peoples necks, full on ass kicking girls.

The party got even more "exciting" when one of the sisters went to the bathroom and pee'd into a shoe. The older sister Valery took the pee filled shoe, dumped it in a glass and put it on ice. She went outside to the front porch where a young man was sitting..."Here you have to drink this!?" The young man did and started gagging on the urine. The young man was terrified of the girls (rightly so) and told them he was going to go hide out/lay down in the basement bedroom...Too much bad stuff going on. He was followed and ORDERED to take his pants off and that one of the girls wanted to have sex with him.

 “You better take your clothes off or I’m gonna take a pair of scissors to your pants.” Valerie Bartkey

The boy did and he was met with a set of pliers, that the used to grab know what. What a party.

Both ladies were charged with sexual assault, a felony, and misdemeanor counts of battery and criminal damage to property.

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