Now available in Illinois, a more reliable winter road condition map.

Winter Weather Is Coming

As I was leaving my house this morning, all I could think about is winter is here. It is just the beginning so we have several months to deal with it. On its way is cold, wind, and snow. It makes life just harder to live. I can not handle the bad weather like I used to. I much rather stay in my warm comfy bed than battle this kind of situation.


Technology Makes Life Easier

Remember back in the day, when the weather person announced a winter storm. They would give just the basic information. Now, they can pass along even the minor details. That way you can plan around it. In the past, if you had to be somewhere, you would just hop in the car and hope for the best. Well, the road conditions are in the palm of your hand.

Help Is Here For Winter Driving

Many years ago, I was driving on I-90 headed up to Wisconsin. It had snowed and I was not sure about the condition of the road before I left. The car it black ice and I did a 360-degree circle on the highway. If there was any way to check the severity of the tollway, I would have. In fact, there is a chance of postponing that trip. Now, there is technology available to help.


According to, 

"With winter bearing down and snow starting to appear in the forecast, the Illinois Department of Transportation is debuting an improved winter road conditions map on its popular Getting Around Illinois website."


"Instead of continuing to display conditions by county, the revamped map will show how weather events are impacting roads under the jurisdictions of the more than 120 snow-and-ice team sections that work out of IDOT facilities throughout the state."


"Additionally, conditions on interstates and U.S. routes, which carry the most traffic in Illinois, will be given priority reporting status and appear more boldly on the map."

Sounds like a very helpful tool when it comes to driving during the Illinois winter.

For more info, HERE.

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