For a perfect Halloween night drive, check out the creepiest road in Illinois.

Have you ever driven down one of those streets at night? I'm talking about one of those scary neighborhoods. The kind that is still frightening even during the day. Old haunted-looking houses and trees that look like that came straight out of an evil forest. The perfect setting for a horror movie. There are no street lights. You hear strange noises. It's enough to freak you out. Plus, the old-timers have realistic ghost stories about it.

I grew up near one. I remember going to see "Nightmare On Elm Street" at a movie theater when it came out. My friends and I had to go check it out. We went to the late show, so we didn't get out of there until after midnight. We couldn't drive yet, so my dad dropped us off, and my buddy's mom picked us up. It was a foggy night and hard to see. She drove us home through that creepy neighborhood. We were just waiting for Freddy to jump out and get us. Nobody got much sleep that night.

Well, if you're looking for somewhere scary to take a Halloween type drive, you'll have to check out this street. The road is known as the creepiest in Illinois. It's Cuba Road in Lake County that runs between Barrington and Lake Zurich which is notorious for paranormal activity.

According to,

"White Cemetery, locals have reported seeing white orbs and other phantom figures on-site and the graveyard gates changed from open to closed depending on which way down the road the person drove."

"In the woods near the cemetery, many have reportedly seen a house that disappears when you look at it twice, and there actually was a house in this spot at one time, but it burnt down many years ago."

"Locals have also told of a woman who flags down passersby and then disappears whenever someone pulls over for her and additional phantom that is often reported is that of a couple walking arm in arm."

"Some say a ghost truck with its high beams on will try to run you off the road if you drive down it late at night., while others swear that the face of what seems to be a Prohibition-era gangster appears in your rearview mirror as if he's sitting in the backseat."

Can you say road trip?

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