Who wants to get SCARED!?

Lori + Haunted Houses = No Way!

Haunted Houses in Rockford
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I can't do haunted houses. They scare me so much. Something about people jumping out at me attempting to scare me is horrific. The thought alone makes me scared.

Apparently haunted houses are a thing? People (except me) LOVE them.

I want to make sure you have the best Halloween ever, so go get scared!

Visit the Haunted Hay Ride or the Haunted Barn!

Walk through the wilderness full of unique attractions, horrifying monsters, chainsaws, darkness, and celebrity appearances by Gunnar "Original Leatherface" Hansen from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Kane "Jason Voorhees" Hodder from Friday the 13th.

Walk through the Trail of Screams with nothing but a small black light to hold on to. Talk about complete darkness!

Darkness, torture, pain, suffering, horror, blood, chainsaws are only the beginning!
This Halloween season, don’t just go to any haunted house, go to Northern Illinois’ scariest haunted house, and face the beast that is the Screamatorium Haunted House.

Even their website was too scary for me! The creepy music! Ahhhh! Prepared to get scared and see the frights that lurk behind every turn.

DELIRIUM at the Boon County Scare Grounds will sure to make you scream for joy or for your life!

Inside, you will find over 100 actors in full makeup startle wary explorers navigating more than 60 rooms strewn with gruesome scenes that would strike fear into the heart of any adult, teen, or amnesiac zombie. AH!

The Duson family is on the run, and there's a new exhibit in town... You arrive to view Dr. Martin Hinge's Creature and Oddities Exhibit and something goes terribly wrong...... creeeppppyyy.

Take a tour through one of the creepiest places in Mount Carroll. Raven's Grin Inn was even featured on HGTV's "Extreme Homes."

Don't be afraid of the dark, but be afraid of what's hiding in it.

Did I miss any on the list? Let me know in the comments below and I'll add it to the list!


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