Halloween is quickly approaching and while traveling around Northern Illinois, you will find some odd and creepy Halloween themed roads.

Bloods Point in Kirkland is one of the creepiest and well known. Not only does it have a creepy name, but the road is quite scary itself. Many people have reported seeing ghostly figures, and according to Ghost Research:

The local myth surrounding the ghost sightings include that of disembodied figures that appear to be that of a stench infested witch who is so disgustingly morbid to look at for more than a second or you will lose your lunch at the very sight of her to various restless corpses that were not given the proper burial that every human being has a right to expect, but instead were hung haphazardly by the neck without the least bit of mercy.


WOW! No thank you! That is scary stuff. Here are 13 Halloween themed roads in Northern Illinois.