Illinois is home to many frightening haunted houses but did you know that two of them are ranked nationally for the scariest in the United States?

Illinois Knows How To Celebrate Halloween

I believe that Halloween has risen up the ranks for the best holiday of all time. I would put it right behind Christmas. I think it helps that Illinois really knows how to celebrate this amazing day. In fact, you can pretty much find some way to participate throughout the month of October. Especially, when it comes to haunted houses.

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Scariest Haunted Houses In Illinois

There are so many awesomely scary haunted houses in Illinois during Halloween, that it's definitely hard to pick the most frightening ones. I thought the best way to find out the answer is to take a look nationally. If there is one ranked high in all of the United States, then for sure they've got to be the best in our state too.

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2 Of Scariest Haunted Houses In U.S. Are Located In Illinois

The Travel Channel has ranked the six scariest haunted houses in the entire United States for 2023. Two of them that made the list are located in Illinois.

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The owners of Basement of the Dead got into the horror business by spooking up their own yard. Neighbors found it so frightening they suggested they scare crowds professionally.

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13th Floor in Chicago has no shortage of seriously scary-looking spirits. The operation's cast of ghoulish actors take their jobs very seriously.

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