As grandpa used to say, "It's good to boil the blood up once in a while." He lived to be 130 years old, so I'll assume he knew what he was talking about. Nothing gets you more into a game than if it's a rivalry, and there is no better love/hate relationship than that between Chicago and Green Bay. It started hundreds of years ago and will rage on long past when the planet cools. It's just that intense.

Join us for the meeting of these two Midwest giants at Lambeau Field in Green Bay on November 9. Get on board the bus and we'll take you to a pre-game party and get you a seat to the game. Space is limited and you don't want to miss out on the trash talking on the way up and the awkward silence from GB fans on the way home. Get information and your ticket here.

Now for some highlights:

And one for you green and gold fans:

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