Illinois commuters freak out when an insane man attacks their bus with a homemade weapon.

Riding Public Transportation In Chicago Is An Interesting Experience

Driving into Chicago is just plain crazy. It doesn't matter what day of the week or the time, there's going to be lots of traffic. Then if there's a big event, you better bring a Snickers because you're not going anywhere for a while. I usually try to leave way early to head into the city just to make sure I have plenty of time. There is another option.

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You could take public transportation. That's usually a pretty good alternative for getting through the city. I've taken the "L" train quite a bit. Especially, to get to places like Wrigley Field. Plus, it's always an interesting experience. The passengers are interesting characters. You never know what you're going to see, hear, or smell. It's definitely not for the easily frightened or offended. The last time I took it, there was a very stinky drunk man sleeping across a whole row of seats.

Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) bus in Duluth, MN
Illinois Man Attacks Bus With Weapon

According to,

It seemed like a normal Monday night ride on the CTA for the passengers. Then out of nowhere, it became a very scary situation. An unknown man jumped in front of the bus while holding up his arms to make the vehicle halt. Once it stopped the suspect pulled a weapon out of his pocket. According to witnesses, it was homemade. The guy had tied a rope to a metal lock. He began swinging it in the air and hitting the bus with it over and over again. He ended up smashing the windshield.

The passengers were freaking out. One of them took this video. A few of them called to police. It took several minutes for officers to finally arrive and arrest the crazy bus attacker. I don't think I would ever take the bus again if I went through that situation.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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