There's a saying in northern Illinois that goes "True love is driving someone to O'Hare."

If that's true, get ready to possibly propose to the Van Galder bus company.

We've all probably made the trip into O'Hare to drop someone off or pick someone up. While O'Hare is a straight shot down I-90 from Rockford, traffic can be an issue and the pick up/dropoff zones at O'Hare can be a complete zoo. And that's without the parking enforcers yelling at after stopping for 5 seconds.

To the uninitiated, it can seem a bit chaotic, and even seasoned veterans of the airport game can get flustered during busy times.

Dropping off is one thing, picking up is a whole different animal. You have to handle delays and cancellations. You might know when a plane lands but have no idea how long it will take to pull into a gate. And figuring out how long it will take a passenger to get to baggage claim, find their bag, and get out could take anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour.

That's when you have to wait in the remote parking lot at O'Hare, or just endlessly loop around the airport until you get the call that you're needed.

All this can change when you start taking the bus to and from O'Hare and Rockford. No more outrageous extended parking fees and no more troubling someone to make the hour plus trip into O'Hare to shuttle you back and forth.

35 Busses Will Travel Between Rockford And O'Hare Everyday

Coach USA Van Galder announced on Monday that they would be introducing many more express busses between Rockford and O'Hare now that people are getting back to traveling and the demand for transportation to O'Hare has grown.

Van Galder will send 17 express busses from their Rockford terminal at 7559 Walton every hour from 3:20AM until 7:20PM.

For those that need a return trip to Rockford, there will be 18 express busses running everyday. The return busses will leave the O'Hare Shuttle Center every hour on the hour between 7AM and 10PM everyday. There will also be an additional bus leaving at 12:30 everyday.

What Will It Cost?

Less than dinner and whatever you have to pay a friend or family member to be your chauffeur. One way tickets can be purchased online for $23 with round trips costing $41.50.

If you buy at the ticket window the prices go up a little to $29/$58 respectively so make sure you plan ahead on your phone.

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