This woman in Wisconsin should receive five for fighting to spend time in the penalty box after using a hockey-style fight move on a local bus driver.

The Attraction Of The Hockey Fight

When I was growing up, there wasn't a lot of hockey shown on TV. I became a big fan of the game by my father taking me to games. We would go check out the Blackhawks at the old Chicago Stadium. That arena would get really rowdy. It was a much more physical sport in those days. Fighting was a big part of the game and appeal to the diehard fans. After my first game, I was hooked.

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For people that don't follow hockey, the fighting doesn't make any sense to them. It is actually part of the in-game strategy. Teams use it to switch the momentum of the game. They also keep the other team honest and from pulling any illegal physical moves. Especially, against their star players.

Wisconsin Woman Arrested For Beating Up Bus Driver

Wisconsin Woman Arrested For Using Hockey Move During Fight With Bus Driver

I've seen many hockey fights in my life, especially back in the old days. I'll have to admit, I've never seen a normal person using a hockey-style move during a regular everyday type brawl. The fighters on skates seem to know what they're doing so it's gotta be a pretty good move. I'm surprised more people don't try it.

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I never recommend getting into a fight unless it's absolutely necessary. I definitely don't suggest doing a hockey-style fight move in this situation. It could cause a major crash and most likely get you arrested. This is exactly what players would do during a brawl during a game.

Madison police arrested a woman Friday who they said pulled a bus driver's shirt over his head and physically attacked him as he drove.

If you're not familiar with hockey fights, that's what players try to do to each other when they square off.

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