Inside a car wash would seem like a pretty secure place but a recent incident in Illinois has changed my mind about that.

Some Illinois Residents Are Afraid Of Going Through A Car Wash

Do you remember going through an automated car wash for the first time? I do. I was just a little kid and the neighborhood gas station built one on their property. Up to that point, my father had washed our vehicles by hand.

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My dad paid the attendant and we drove in. My mother freaked out. She didn't enjoy the experience. I was a little scared too but my father assured me we were safe while locked in our vehicle. I always remember that while going through a car wash. A recent incident in Illinois has changed my mind about that statement.

Vehicle Attacked In Illinois Car Wash

Vehicle Attacked In Illinois Car Wash

Local police were called to a car wash in Des Plaines. While a vehicle was driving through a man came out of nowhere jumped on the front of the automobile and began hitting it. The driver called the cops and when they arrived the suspect was arrested. Luckily, there was no serious damage.

Where Did The Illinois Car Wash Attacker Come From?

The suspect grabbed a plant that was sitting outside the car wash. He threw the object at a window and smashed it. That's how he entered the building. Once inside, he jumped on the vehicle. When the police arrived they arrested the attacker.

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Police found Prado-Marron crawling on the floor of the car wash with blood on his hands and was reportedly drooling from the mouth.

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