A father and son duo in Chicago were arrested for selling diseased body parts on the black market.

It's a story that feels like it came straight out of a horror movie.

According to wtvm.com,

"Federal charges were filed against Donald Greene Sr. and Donald Green Jr. -- a Chicago area father and son -- for allegedly selling body parts on the black market from people who thought they were donating to science."

The suspects sold parts infected with HIV, sepsis, hepatitis, and more. They didn't tell the buyers. Some sold for as much as $100,000.

Biological Resource Center of Illinois was the company the pair worked under.

In one example of defrauding customers, a mother donated her son's tissue to be used for research and they sold it for $5,000.

On a scary note,

"It's not illegal to dismember and broker body parts, but it is illegal to knowingly sell remains tested positive for infectious disease."

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