We all love Cheetos. Don't say you don't, because there are over 20 different variations of the cheesy chips. Everybody has at least one that they like. The worst is having that Cheeto dust stuck to your fingers, and somehow there still isn't a solution to getting that stuff off efficiently. Even Jeff Bezos, billionaire and owner of Amazon, aka the place to find all things that exist, deals with the problem.


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I know... but god I love Cheetos.

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Today Show reached out to Frito-Lay, and got an answer from them as to what the name of that Cheeto "dust" is.

“Snacking on Cheetos has become a special experience for many fans, including the experience of having the iconic cheese dust left on your fingers. We (Frito-Lay executives) have long called that red and orange cheese dust ‘Cheetle,’ but it became clear from our fans the special interest they had, so we knew it was time to share our beloved name for this magic ingredient," said Rachel Ferdinando Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer of Frito-Lay.

That's right. Cheetle. If you're having a rough day, just go home and suck on some Cheetle fingers.

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