If I had car skills like this Joliet, Illinois guy, I'd be dangerous. Fortunately for my wife, I don't. But, you really should check out his wild custom green Camaro ride that he created. It's ridiculous in the best possible way.

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I saw this video share from Ridiculous Rides on Rumble. Here's the story of Corey Jones as they tell it:

CAR-lover Corey Jones has customized his Camaro with a massive set of 32-inch rims. The 32-year-old, who works at Excalibur Motors in Joliet, Illinois, has been building custom cars for six years. Corey got his first car at age 17 and since then has owned over ten custom cars - but considers his green Camaro his best build to date.

Corey obviously has some mad vehicle skills.

I don't believe that Corey is trying to sell this most excellent car, but I have to wonder how much it would be worth if he did? Dupont Registry features some custom Camaros that sell for upwards of $200,000 for classic models and high 5 digits for more modern versions.

The best car I've ever owned (which ironically happened before I had a family) was a classic Firebird. It was nothing like what Corey Jones has done. This is one of the reasons I recommend following Ridiculous Rides on Rumble if you enjoy the more interesting vehicles on the road.

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