Believe it or not, Illinois has its fair share of celebrity residents, and here are ten you probably didn't know spent some time in the Land of Lincoln.

10 Famous People You Didn't Know Were From Illinois

# 1 Mr. T from Lake Forest

  • When I was a kid, he was the man starring in "Rocky III" and "The A-Team." Plus, how can you not be a fan of someone whose catchphrase was "I Pity The Fool."

# 2 Jeff Garlin from Morton Grove

  • I'm a big fan of his show "The Goldbergs" but most people know him from "Curb Your Enthusiasm." He's a huge Chicago sports fan.

# 3 Charlton Heston from Wilmette

  • He had an amazing acting career starring in many legendary movies. Of course, my favorite is "Planet of the Apes."

# 4 Ernest Hemingway from Oak Park

  • He was a world-famous writer. I'm not much of a reader but he has a book named "From Whom The Bells Toll" and I like that song by Metallica.

# 5 Morris the Cat from Hinsdale

  • This adorable kitty starred in the 9Lives cat food commercials. My grandma had a cat that looked just like him. Plus, I remember he lived right by where I grew up.

# 6 Ted Kaczynski from Evergreen Park

  • Unfortunately, not all celebrities are good people. Especially, this guy who is known at the Unabomber.

# 7 John Hughes from Northbrook

  • He was one of my favorite movie makers of all time. His films have been a big part of my life.

# 8 Chance the Rapper from Bannockburn

  • Many people think that Hip Hop is an East or West Coast thing, but the Midwest including Chicago has many talented artists like Chance the Rapper.

# 9 Jane Lynch from Dolton

  • She's a very funny actress and comedian. Jane was amazing in the hit show "Only Murders in the Building."

# 10 Jim Peterik from Berwyn

    • He's a very talented musician who has written many hit songs including "Eye of the Tiger."

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