According to the Rockford Register Star, fast food chain restaurant, Checkers is racing back to Rockford.

This "value-oriented brand," sees the potential in reopening their restaurants in the Rockford area.

The article also mentions that Checkers might bring up to 11 restaurants to the Rockford area. Coupled with Chicago's 17 locations and an extra 10 scattered throughout the state. A total of 48 different Checkers locations will be around by the time they are all said and done.

Which is quite the change, considering they closed their Rockford restaurant in 2000.

I remember hitting up Checkers late night when I was in high school. At the time it was simple burgers and fries.

A lot has changed since then. A quick look at their menu shows some serious burger potential. Checkers burger offerings include something called the Big Buford, a Baconzilla, and Bacon Roadhouse Burger.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it, but what do you think?

Is Checkers just another fast food joint or are you excited about their potential return to Rockford?

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